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the tasseography February 24, 2011

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The Tasseography

Reading the tea leaves and the coffee cup is known as the Tasseography, although this practice rooted in the ancient Chinese art of reading the tea leaves, it also practiced by the clergies. Later this art moved to the Middle East, where the milled coffee took the place of tea leaves, but the Greeks and Turks those who have presented the coffee cup reading to India.

How to read the cup?

It is by turning the cup on the saucer then returning it to its normal position. The remains and images that shaped by the rest of the coffee interpreted by the reader of the cup and describe its meanings. Also some conditions must be fulfilled before reading the cup such as to drink the coffee from a cup, not from a glass because the lines in the cup become short and easy to read unlike the glass or the transparent glass cup and the reading should be in clockwise direction.
The Meanings of  Signs
The rest of the coffee may forms figures such as letters, numbers, geometrical designs , straight lines , wavy lines or shapes which resemble animals or birds. Where the non-dry upside down cup for a long period indicates a future grief for the person who drank it, according to claims, the trees indicate to life and success , the shape of heart indicates to love, and if the shape of ring appeared on the cup wall , this indicates to sooner marriage, and if a flag or a banner appeared , it will be good news of great triumph and achieved win, and death indicates long life for the person who drank the cup, and if a clock appeared , it indicates to much livelihood and welfare, while numbers indicate to money.
1 – Forms : lines and curves
Straight lines indicate to accurate design and peace of mind, while the shape of the cup indicates to love and harmony. The lines may refer to a journey or a road to be taken by humans as if the line was straight with no curves , it indicates that it is the right way, and vice versa if the line curved and exceeded its way, that means that there are coming problems to the person who drank it. And when there are points precede the line, it means that this person is about walking in this road, while if it just a point , it means that the road is close maybe after an hour or a day or a week or a month or a year.
2 – Animals
A camel indicates that the person who drank the cup is expecting a lot of goodness (money), because the camel is a symbol goodness convoys, and also the image of whale indicates to a lot of goodness and good fortune, and the image of pigeons indicates to good news because pigeons are messengers, while the repulsive graphics such as wood board indicates to the death to a relative of the person who drank the cup and other graphics that indicate to the grief and distress. The snake means a mortal enemy that lurks the person who drank the cup.
Famous Cup Readers Below are some famous female cup readers in the Middle East:

1 – Nawal Ghandhi

She is 46 years old, of a Syrian descent, became famous for this art in India, as she reads the cups of eminent personalities such as “Sonia Ghandhi” who leads the Congress Party, and her daughter “Priyanka”, and the former Indian prime minister “Atal Behari Vajpayee”, and a lot of famous Indian businessmen and filmmakers. Ghandhi claims that she inherited reading the cup of coffee from her grandmother and her mother who were experienced in this art. Amazingly, despite her claim about her ability to read the cups of the others, she has no idea what her cup says. After her divorce in 1991 and for taking care of her children , she left India to the UAE to become a teacher and then a policewoman. Having lived outside India for 15 years, finally she took reading the cup as a career, knowing that her parents emigrated from Syria to India in 1936.
Nawal Gandhi says that the coffee cup reading is difficult and depends on the senses and the sixth sense. It is basically a psychological reading made by using a cup of coffee, which in most cases be « milled Arabic or Turkish or Greek coffee, which is very tasty».
2 – Mrs. Fathia
She is famous for “Om Mohammed” and lives in the high-class district “Al-Mohandseen” Giza, Egypt, she is famous for her ability to read the upside down cup and interpreting its lines and symbols, where she says :”My career is not new to the community but it may have taken a particular significance in these days because the increase of people’s concerns and their fondness to know what lurking them and awaiting them, and perhaps their concern at the failure in solving their problems”. She denied her knowledge of the unseen, and confirmed that her reading for the cup does not disappoint, but it is all , as she said ,”She reads the signs and the drawings of the cup by which she concludes what the coming days hide to the person who drank the cup”.
The Psychological Explanation
The mental health expert Dr. Hamdi Yassin says that the spread of the fortune-teller profession, especially the cup female reader and the palmist and shells reading were known by humans from ancient time and it has a historical meaning, and it is believed that humans tend to know a part of the unknown by nature, especially in matters that the laboratories and the scientific theories failed in finding an interpretation of it, which known as the conduct of uncertainty, which is a part of human life and is not limited to a particular class of people, where there are scientists up to the great scientific degrees but they be haunted with those ideas from time to time because it is an ancient inheritance and still fixed in our human behaviors, clearly appears in the illiterates and nomads, while it appears less in academics.
The Power  of Inspiration
Dr. “Hamdi Yassin” explains that who practice the fables just like the cup reader, the palmist and shells readers and so on , have a special abilities in inspiration and manipulating with the people feelings beside the psychological preparedness for some people to hear those fables and believe in it because we recognize that there is a metaphysical thought and our tangible life which we live is not the entire life, where there is a Metaphysical world lives with us which is known in the psychological science with the metaphysics science, and which refers to everything that conflicts with the concepts of the human mind.

Cup Reader as a Song

The cup female reader inspired the famous Syrian poet Nizar Qabani (1923-1998) to write a poem that holds same name “The Cup Reader” which later sang by famous Egyptian singer Abdel Halim Hafez (1929-1977).  Lyrics tells about a man loved a woman but he lost her so he seek help of a woman who can read  his coffee cup in his attempt to know where is she , but unfortunately signs tells that there is no future of this love and she will be lost forever!

– Ya Beirouth

– Middle East News
– Finjan


dajjal the anti christ born February 7, 2011

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is  this newly born baby

in Israel

is the dajjal


the anti christ?

لاحول ولا قوة الا بالله

لاحول ولا قوة الا بالله


One Year Old Child Found Pregnant In Saudi Arabia February 4, 2011

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One year old child found pregnant in Saudi Arabia. Doctors says it’s a unique case for this world! Medical Science Report says : “When the mother of this child was pregnant, she had 2 fetuses inside her. But one of the fetus grew inside the other, this why this girl was born with the other fetus inside her womb.”

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February 4, 2011

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What behind Virgin Apparitions in Egypt ?

On Saturday,Dec,12th, 2009, A crowd of people gathered to see what was allegedly reflect a luminous incarnate of the Virgin Mary on the Lighthouse of the Virgin Mary’s church in “Al-Warraq” area , Cairo , Egypt, As the claiming of her apparition on the dome in a luminous form and the appearance of spiritual objects such as pigeons and talking about miracles of healing those who attended that scene.

This was not the first time in Egypt, As the alleged Virign Mar’s apparition was repeated in the past more than once and with a similar way but in different places, It was in 1968 on the Lighthouse of the Virgin Mary’s church in “Al-Zaytun” district , Cairo , Egypt, and also in 1986 on the Lighthouse of Santa ” Demiana” in Shubra , Cairo , Egypt, as well in 1992 in the Virgin Mary’s monastery in “Assiut” city, Egypt.
– People’s opinions differed about this phenomenon, some of them believed that it was a divine miracle and some researchers interpreted it as a radiation caused by static electricity in appropriate weather conditions which is termed by The fire of St. Elmo, In addition to a third opinion expressed by some Coptic intellectuals who are in charge of the Church which was published recently on the Web site of “Almesryoon” newspaper, and we will include what stated in that opinion in the following lines:
– Many Coptic intellectuals agreed unanimously on that there are signs of the alleged apparition on the Lighthouse of the Virgin Mary’s church in “Al-Warraq” area , Cairo , Egypt, including a “political” indication, emphasizing that it was not a apparition in the known sense, that everyone be sure in something, he/she will believe, see and hear it and perhaps whisper to it as well.
– The researcher and the author Dr. Rafik Habib interpreted the alleged apparition of the Virgin Mary as it has a sign that reflects the need to feel the spiritual and moral support by the Coptic Community generally , or a sect of its sects , in a hint to the Orthodox Church, which has rumored the apparition of the Virgin Mary , despite the denial from the other Christian sects, as well as from reliable sources of the Church itself. Dr. Habib also said in a commentary for ” Almesryoon ” newspaper that the Christian community thinks of the alleged apparition that there is a hand from the heaven support it , and this emphasizes the need of the Coptic Community to feel that moral support and it had a some feeling of crisis or suffering, and it interpret this need with a moral support believing that it comes from the heaven. Dr. Habib continued saying: That the luminous apparition is always linked to a crisis experienced by the Coptic Community rather than a general crisis that concerns the whole society, and this comes to respond to it and to alleviate the crisis stress, and it is a phenomenon of a Coptic Origin, and he thinks that the miracle basis is the faith and personal satisfaction, as who see and experience it , he /she is the one who believes in the miracle and the possibility of its occurrence and the Church does not like to support that quickly because it is worried to hurt the people good feelings ,therefore it appears cautious in its statements.
– Dr. Habib who is an Egyptian intellectual of the Anglican Sect that the phenomenon is one of the religiousness phenomenon apparitions in Egypt, which is accompanied by making a kind of communication with the saints and the holy men, in requesting for moral support or a miracle, and the alleged Apparition of the Virgin Mary is streaming out from the Coptic Community’s concepts and ideas. on the contrary, the leaders of the Anglican sect considered the speech about the apparition of the Virgin Mary on the Lighthouse of the Virgin Mary’s church in “Al-Warraq” area , Cairo , Egypt “is a myth that the Orthodox Church bluffs the idiots with it”, asserting that this is baseless, and this is confirmed by the video clips which was filmed during the “appearance of just a mere bright light, or keen laser flashes”(Watch the video below).
– But Dr. Habib explains this that the official Orthodox Church believes that the era of miracles is still going on and that the miracle occurs, and it documenting it as it is sure of it , then it declare formally that it occurred. The miracle meaning in the Christian minds is the showing of the God’s will and his bless and support for the Christian people. For his part, the Coptic researcher and editor in chief of “El-Ahad schools Magazine” Mr. Akram Habib said that this subject demonstrates a social crisis rooted in the Egyptian community, and who supports the fact of the apparition, claim to say that it is a support from the heaven to face the crisis which experienced by the community, and he suggested that it has a political significance, as there is no space of the spiritual aspects has not a social or political dimension, and it is enough the sense of the Copts with such feelings “negative” towards the accidents of “Farshout” in Upper Egypt. He also added: That the embarking upon the Transfiguration has a clear social signification itself at the community thirst of the heaven interference to solve their social and economic problems which they experiencing.
– In his turn, Mr. Kamal Zakher the coordinator of the Coptic seculars front thinks that the occurring riot and struggle gives an impression that there is a need for justice and refers to the deficiencies in the mechanisms to reach a unanimous agreement on the legislator opinion , that the people have no one listening to their moaning on the earth , so they resort to the heaven as just communicating with the heaven for the Copts , make them feel more secure.

Watch Video

– Al Masryoon


February 4, 2011

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Fencing is one of the ceremonial features of the ritual ceremonies which is performing by the Sufis Sheikhs , as those ceremonies including some shows by stabbing a metal skewer (“Shish” in Persian language) or a sharp tool in the body of “The petitioner ” or in his/her face and those ceremonies may also have jumping on hot coals or eating alive snakes. Interestingly in this phenomenon in that there is no bleeding despite the breakthrough of the “Shish” into the person’s body from side to the other side in some cases. The Sufis consider that who plays that role has a “Blessings” of God or a unique ability, despite the occurrence of this phenomenon is not limited to those of the Muslims Sufi, but we can also see it in some of the Hindus rituals.
Those who prepare for those ceremonies claim that they belong to a particular Sheikh’s belief in praising and asceticism and here we can mention “The Rifa’ia belief” of Sheikh “Ahmed Rifai”, “Al-kadria belief” of Sheikh “Abdul Qadir Al-Kilani” and others. Although (The Fencing) is considered to be as heresy as no one of those mentioned Sheikhs professed it according to many Islam scholars.
How session held?
Powell Edell describes the ritual ceremonies of one session which he attended in Iraq, which follows the “Al-kadria Sufi belief”, as the following:
The praise starts with beating the drums and the tambourines slowly, then the leader begins with repeating words such as “God is alive” over and over, while the Sufis (who call themselves AL-Daraweish “The dervishes”) standing in a large circle, chanting their words on the drums with throwing themselves in front of a large bow forwards and then backwards and many of them leave their hair grow long which flying around their heads as they bend forwards and backwards and the Sheikh stands in the middle of this circle, swaying gently and sometimes closes his eyes and raising his hands with supplication, while beating the drums and the tambourines rises faster and faster and hymns rise louder and louder then the dervishes enter the stage of ecstasy which they call the stage of purity in the Sufism ,20 years ago I went to a praising circle in the Syrian desert and I was going to run out of it as there were about 24 men crammed in a small room and the drums beating and hymns were raising louder that I thought that my heart pulse was stopped and at that time I could see a man from the local police stick a skewer in his belly , but I must admit that I closed my eyes when the circle leader lie face down a young man of the petitioners to the ground and put a knife blade on his neck from behind and then pressed it by his knee, and although in nowadays it seems that the praise has lesser impact on the soul than in the past, it is even more surprising because I did not run away, and it seems to me that the men who stick knives in their bodies are not in the case of mortality , as one of razor eaters asked me to touch the blade after he gave it to me and before he started to eat it, and the man who stick a dagger in the head with knocking it was following the instructions from companions to look at any direction to face the camera.
In the case of the coming of the Sufi sheikhs of the “Qadiriya, Alexanzania belief” and before the start of the praise , hundreds petitioners stand in rows to kiss his feet and their number mat exceeds 3000 persons or more, in that day which was the Muslim Greater Bairam, masses of dervishes came from all over Iraq to greet the Sheikh, and the most important guests of the Sheikh was his deputy in Russia, a Chechen named “Adam Shamloo Denev” who developed the theory of his religious doctrine “Adam – God – Humanity”.
Possible Explanations
Practicing particular spiritual exercise and ceremonies increases the ability to foresight and reduces the capacity of sensory which the humans disposed by nature with it among those people “The Petitioners”, as the praise circles by the Sufis and their tones and rhythms making sentimental escalation to the stage the sublimation till the person reaches to activate his autonomic nervous system and goes out of the sensory and effecting world to the sensory deprivation world as if we examine the stomach fluid for those who reached the sublimation stage , we will find that the gastric secretions has peaked as those secretions obstacle between them and the pain after it delays the action senses carrier in the 10th nerve which is linked with the stomach and the volts of sensory reduce and the volts of the brain increase and increasing of the signals which sent by the body in the moment of sublimation cancels any sense or feeling as sticking or pricking to the sublime person does not mean anything to him/her and he/she does not bleeding due to the contraction of the muscles which happening by activating the automatic nervous system which makes contraction in the skin and in its cells which causes no bleeding and the wound healed according to that, and the only way to destroy those alleged blessings that to ask the petitioner to stick the skewer , the shish or the knife to his heart and then he must write his will because he will die if not may Allah have mercy on him!
The great scholar “Al-Alusi” showed the secret of these “miracles” in his book which called “The Elucidation of the meanings” by saying:” And what is being watched for what happening by some affiliates of the holy Sheikh “Ahmad Al-Rifai” , may god bless him and protect his reputation of the evildoers who were close to be nonbelievers for their much debauchery as it was said that it is a witchcraft and who does it will be nonbeliever and must be killed, they also have names of unknown meaning which they call when they enter the fire and beaten with weapons and it is not far to call them as nonbelievers although they have normal tools , some of them has mentioned that they say (Tlsv ,Tlsv, HIV, HIV) which meaning “May I seek refuge in the God full words of evil, O I sworn on thou, fire or thou, the weapon by the right of “Hai Holai” and the light of my praising beads and by the prophet “Mohammed” (may god peace be upon him and blessed him) not to do harm or not to do harm to the “Belief Petitioner” , this was not at the time of Sheikh Al-Rifai as he was the most follower to the prophet “Mohammed’s sunna” (may god peace be upon him and blessed him)and most avoider to the heresy and his companions were following his path and then there has been what occurred “[p. 69 – 71]
As Sheikh “Ibn Taymiyah” said: “Those miracles that those heresiarchs do from entering into the fire and take the snakes are of two types, the first that to do that with normal tricks such as particular paints to go and walk into the fire and that to drink something which prevents of the snakes poison as catching them (the snakes) from their necks so as not to harm him, and as to hold the eel and detach their skins and stuff their bodies with food and there are many persons of those were killed by the snakes and the second type is the greatest which including those persons who have evil states befall them, as the devils inflict them such as they (the devils) enter in the epileptic body, and then they proceed with fire and snakes and scorpions as the devil is the one who does so, and those who joined the demons do that too and those are the most evil beings and when you see a person standing on a long spear head , you must realize that this is the devil who standing and people see a burning fire where axes place in it , and then the human lick it with his/her tongue, but they must realize that the devil entered who entered the petitioner body is who did that and the same way with humans who deal with the snakes, serpents , etc., and those are just heresiarchs , strays , liars and devil’s companions claim that they are holy men of God but they are of his enemies ,infringers of his limitations and ignorant – for those evil deeds – people believe that they are holy men of God , but those states belong to the enemies of God ,unbelievers and heretics. ” [The Grand Total of Fataawa book , c 11 p. 610-611].


knocted ropes extracted from black magic victim February 4, 2011

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Skeikh Munir Arab with the knotted ropes extracted from girl's body

Sheikh “Munir Arab” is considered one of the famous therapists in the Arab world who deal with the Holy Koran to treat victims of magic or those processed by demons (evilJinns) by which is called Legitimate Enchant (El-Roqia El-Shariah), It is actually a practice/ritual that includes a selected verses of the Holy Koran and other prayers being recited in front of the patient, and it also includes the use of water , oil or honey to treat patients who were processed by the Evil Jinn or under the influence of black magic or envy in order to ward off the demons and to avoid their harm by resorting to the power of God . The equivalent practice used by some Christians is called “Roman Rituals”, In west the term “Exorcism” is used to describe it , but unfortunately, many people still asking for the help of demons by visiting to the charlatans and the sorcerers in order to inflict a psychological and physical harm on their victims who harboring hatred against them. The following story tells about strange events and documented by Sheikh “Mounir Arab” and it is occurred while he was treating one of his patients in a effort to expel black magic influence:

other knots found ! Sheikh (Munir Arab) wrote: “I accustomed you to offer all new and miraculously about the legitimate enchant (El-Roqia El-Shariah) good field , I offer to you today another tragedy and a great grief happened to a large family consists of mother and five daughters who were damaged by wicked human beings and devils as this whole family suffer greatly as the youngest daughter does not exceed the eighth of her age and the other is thirteen years old and the other daughters are working in the education field and they are senior in age. This family is respectful and religious and we do not commend one of them to God as they have been hurt of which the human soul infected by , where I began to read (El-Roqia El-Shariah) on them they shouting , crying and going under epilepsy even with the junior one and the middle one was the most suffering one of them when reading it. They have been treated by me for three days, then they traveled to the city where they inhabit and I gave them the therapeutic mixture and they were away for almost two weeks and came back again but what happened during the period of using the mixture was a wonderful thing and it might be unbelievable by the human mind as there were hair and a nail came out of the younger daughter and the middle daughter what was came out of her were frightening and shedding to tears and it really making weep as it came out of her vagina and I say of her vagina as she was a virgin and she still virgin yet even after what came out here which I will describe now , bags of nylon bounded with threads and knotted with knots and a long twisted rope like hair braid bounded with threads and knotted in all its limbs came out of her vagina , this rope was one meter and after another full week of using the mixture which was being used by 30000 persons over 15 years, as this mixture is taken from the Holy Book of Allah (The Holy Koran) and of the pure Sunnah of Prophet “Mohammed” which did not hurt anybody before , and when she was using it , four of those long and short ropes came out of her which I illustrate by the photos in this topic which indicate that this family was afflicted and devastated by those who do not fear God or obey God. What offense they have done to be punished with this punishment, I ask God with his the Most Blessed Names an urgent healing for them God is Listener and Responder and to heal all Muslims patients and repel the cunning of the oppressors (God is Listener and Responder)”.

download complete Ruqya February 1, 2011

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click this link to download complete ruqya for black magic and assaibi assarat and listen 4 cure.


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