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knocted ropes extracted from black magic victim February 4, 2011

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Skeikh Munir Arab with the knotted ropes extracted from girl's body

Sheikh “Munir Arab” is considered one of the famous therapists in the Arab world who deal with the Holy Koran to treat victims of magic or those processed by demons (evilJinns) by which is called Legitimate Enchant (El-Roqia El-Shariah), It is actually a practice/ritual that includes a selected verses of the Holy Koran and other prayers being recited in front of the patient, and it also includes the use of water , oil or honey to treat patients who were processed by the Evil Jinn or under the influence of black magic or envy in order to ward off the demons and to avoid their harm by resorting to the power of God . The equivalent practice used by some Christians is called “Roman Rituals”, In west the term “Exorcism” is used to describe it , but unfortunately, many people still asking for the help of demons by visiting to the charlatans and the sorcerers in order to inflict a psychological and physical harm on their victims who harboring hatred against them. The following story tells about strange events and documented by Sheikh “Mounir Arab” and it is occurred while he was treating one of his patients in a effort to expel black magic influence:

other knots found ! Sheikh (Munir Arab) wrote: “I accustomed you to offer all new and miraculously about the legitimate enchant (El-Roqia El-Shariah) good field , I offer to you today another tragedy and a great grief happened to a large family consists of mother and five daughters who were damaged by wicked human beings and devils as this whole family suffer greatly as the youngest daughter does not exceed the eighth of her age and the other is thirteen years old and the other daughters are working in the education field and they are senior in age. This family is respectful and religious and we do not commend one of them to God as they have been hurt of which the human soul infected by , where I began to read (El-Roqia El-Shariah) on them they shouting , crying and going under epilepsy even with the junior one and the middle one was the most suffering one of them when reading it. They have been treated by me for three days, then they traveled to the city where they inhabit and I gave them the therapeutic mixture and they were away for almost two weeks and came back again but what happened during the period of using the mixture was a wonderful thing and it might be unbelievable by the human mind as there were hair and a nail came out of the younger daughter and the middle daughter what was came out of her were frightening and shedding to tears and it really making weep as it came out of her vagina and I say of her vagina as she was a virgin and she still virgin yet even after what came out here which I will describe now , bags of nylon bounded with threads and knotted with knots and a long twisted rope like hair braid bounded with threads and knotted in all its limbs came out of her vagina , this rope was one meter and after another full week of using the mixture which was being used by 30000 persons over 15 years, as this mixture is taken from the Holy Book of Allah (The Holy Koran) and of the pure Sunnah of Prophet “Mohammed” which did not hurt anybody before , and when she was using it , four of those long and short ropes came out of her which I illustrate by the photos in this topic which indicate that this family was afflicted and devastated by those who do not fear God or obey God. What offense they have done to be punished with this punishment, I ask God with his the Most Blessed Names an urgent healing for them God is Listener and Responder and to heal all Muslims patients and repel the cunning of the oppressors (God is Listener and Responder)”.
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