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Shaheen Sehbai – Journalist or Psychic? April 28, 2011

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Shaheen Sehbai Looking Into the Future
It wonders no one when Pakistani journalists instead of reporting the happenings try to report to make things happen. Reporting with a certain slant was never new but taking this to a level where journalists start writing predictions is entirely a new phenomenon. Two journalists have mastered this art of predictions. Dr. Shahid Masood and Mr. Shaheen Sehbai.

In his latest analysis “Zardari on his own after US pulls support” in The News, Mr. Sehbai has announced that President of Pakistan Mr. Asif Ali Zardari has been abandoned by USA. Without going into details what does he really mean. One needs to ask how come Mr. Sehbai reached this conclusion, whether he was informed by White House or the State department. Mr. Sehbai never tell us what are his sources. Journalism cannot continue for ages without naming the sources. Since last one year Mr. Sehbai has not even filed a single story in which there is clear mention of sources.

Anyone who understands the international politics and nuances of diplomatic statements understands that the officials that represent the different governments do not talk about individuals. Even if and I again say even if they are supporting a certain political actor in a foreign country.

Mr. Sehbai has also made a claim that Ambassador Holbrooke, the point man on Pakistan and Afghanistan, has lost his role in Obama administration. Again this is something that the media has been deducing from different developments in USA. There however has not been any official communication or action that can testify to media suspicions. Whether it is Pakistan media or US media, until and unless there is a proper official announcement, Richard Holbrooke is there and performing his role.

To further educate Mr. Sehbai, President Asif Ali Zradari was elected in Pakistan by the Electoral College and obviously Richard Holbrooke was not the presiding officer for that election. In fact Pakistan Peoples Party won the elections and formed the government much before President Obama came to power and appointed Richard Holbrooke as his point man on Pakistan and Afghanistan. To Mr. Zardari is on his own.

Mr. Sehbai then tells us that Mr. Aitezaz Ahsan has been assessed by USA think tanks since long and is now being considered a replacement. He bases his conclusion on some meeting that was held back in the year 2006 with some leading lights of think tanks with Aitezaz in attendance. Sehbai reports that the talk was general!! And since Mr Sehbai insists one must agree to him that this general talk meant a lot for Pakistan in the year 2010!! Great.

It appears that soon Mr. Sehbai is going to launch another website. Not something like South Asia Tribune, but something more paranormal. He will have his photo with worry beads and will be asking you to send him your birth charts and get reports on your future. Good Luck Mr. Sehbai with the future profession.

mandal aka hazirat April 28, 2011

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“Mandal” is a special practice or necromancy done by medium in form of spiritual seance, usually held by some believers to solve crime cases by knowing the identity of who committed the theft or murder and even used to find the lost valuables things through calling The Residents or Ummar (Type of Jinns/Spirits whois thought to share same place with living ) and by questioning them , where they brought a non-adult boy aged between 9 and 12 years ,
he must be in a normal condition without illusion , panic or fear, and the necromancy man writes a special spell on the boy’s forehead and ask him to tell what he sees and if the boy sees the Jinn kings , then necromancy man asks boy to ask about the missing things which can be a theft discovery or the secrets of the mysterious crimes or to know the places of the lost things and also it is used to know some pre-results and after finishing it the necromancy man reads a special spell and the boy returns to his first state, and in this kind of necromancy it is used a ceramic cup filled with oil and black ink, where the boy tells what he sees of visions contains the wanted answers or the genie answers through the boy by pronunciation, or through Environing of the Jinn with his (The boy) hand and answers through writing, or aiming . Another way uses with the necromancy that the necromancy man focuses his eyes on a brilliant crystal ball, or in a cup of water where a drop of oil floating on its surface then the necromancy man go on making movements and gestures indicating that the soul had come then he calls peace on it and begin the questioning and the answers.

Point of view
Almighty God says in the Holy Koran: “True, there were persons among mankind who took shelter with persons among the Jinn, but they increased them in folly” (Al-Jinn Soura (Chapter)– Verse.no.6 ) and this is a clear statement that the recourse to the Jinn involves risk through those necromancies, especially to the boy as the Jinn might environs him or causes to lose his mind, and it is not certain that necromancy is an effective way to know the criminals or the lost things as only God is the knower of the unseen .

Daniel’s Cave: A School for Witchcraft ! April 28, 2011

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Daniel’s Cave: A School for Witchcraft !

Many of us watched Harry Potter adventure movies or read (Harry Potter ) novels which authored by the British J.K Rowling, as “Harry Potter” received his education with his mates in the school of witchcraft , he learnt how to be a practitioner in order to confront the evil magical powers, Is there a real school for black magic ? or it is just an imaginative concept in books or films?

There are spread news about a cave called “Daniel’s Cave” which can be put in myths column , the news of this cave spreaded in the Arabic internet forums and Scheherazade satellite TV channel had a big role in spreading news of the alleged cave after one of the program guest called Skeikh Ali Al-Sabat talked about it as he is Lebanese man and he currently facing the rule of death penalty in front of the Saudi Arabia courts due to his exercise of sorcery in that mentioned channel, Scheherazade satellite TV channel cut off its broadcast at least after a 2 two years because it was hosting those who practicing the arts of sorcery , witchcraft and the bringing evil powers of the Jinn and because it allows the audience to interact with them to answer their questions.

– It is said that Daniel’s Cave was guarded by Jinn where the witches (students) learn the most powerful magic arts, although its existence in Morocco is uncertain, here we list some of what was stated about this strange cave and some of its secrets:

– Daniel’s Cave is the strangest cave and the strangest wonders that alleged to be exist on our world land because it is an allocated cave and no one can undo this surveillance up till now although there are many people tried to confront to such surveillance and get people rid of the evils of the of witches who graduated of this cave which is frequented by people from different parts of the world to learn the witchcraft arts, the wonders of that cave surveillance that its year is divided into 9 whole months and not 12 months, and the door of this cave is blocked with a great rock only opens in one day in its year since the sunrise to sunset as who wishing to learn the witchcraft enter it pantry accompanying with them provisions for full 9 months containing unspoiled dry sweets such as raisin, walnut and almond, etc. of material, it is said that it contains huge stones inside it which are apart from each other and sunken in the ground and there is a spring of delicious water in the middle of the cave is using by the resident witches and new learners and on every rock of those huge rocks is located a talisman with all its special teachings of service manner , using ,sections , the number of reading and how to work with it and make use of it and the students stay during the 9 months which they spend in this cave to do what is requested by this talisman and it (the talisman) exposes to the student slowly enough till he see his maid and talk to him and the maid takes the promises and covenants from him to stay in service and obey his orders, and the strength and the method of each talisman differs from the strength and the methods of other talismans and it is worth mentioning that there are many who enter this cave, but few of them get out of it as some of them die of terror, some mistaking in reading the sections so the server punches them and if they survived ,they will go mad ,and after the end of the 9 months , the cave door opens again from sunrise to sunset and the learners go out it, but how far! because leaving the cave is not easy like entering it as it depends on the power of the talisman which was served by those learners, as if this talisman is stronger than the cave doorkeeper (The Jinn), then the learner survive and leave the cave safely and sound, but if the strength of the talisman is less than the door guard who is assigned to the cave door, then he has a powerful punch moving him to the other world or makes him mad and imprison him inside the cave till he dies, and there are 2 famous witches in the seventies had survived from that strange cave as they are Arabs, one of them was from Lebanon and he was killed after leaving the cave a few months and his body was found maimed and the other one was from Syria and was nicknamed ” the Doctor) and he was the most powered witch as he has a great genius that enabled him to develop his methods in witchcraft, but he disappeared as a result of the continuous pursuit by the authorities and no one knew anything about him after that time .

Another Cave in Iraq!
The name of “Daniel” mentioned in the Old Testament of the Torah where a prophet appeared in the land of Iraq, then from where the name of (Prophet Daniel’s Cave)in Morocco came?, it said that there are another cave in Iraq is similar to Daniel’s Cave as it is Harut and Marut’s Cave where a lot of witches go to it and coming out it is just like what mentioned above. There is a minority sect called “Al-Theqeleen Call” and they teach their own magic as there is from it the good and bad killing magic and they use the resources and disciples of all types of the Jinn according to their talismans and they have a special practicing and conclave lasts for 40 days which called “Al-Berhattia conclave ” as it is known to the majority and the king is called “Decius” and who manages in his first conclave he takes one weak servant (Jinn) and then he gives back the conclave to get a stronger servant and the full number is 18 servants, but who enters “Harut and Marut’s Cave” he get the 18 servants in one go, then he be able to make miracles, breaks the normality , makes the wonders reveals the hidden.

Does it exist in Morocco actually?
It is said that it exists in Morocco and known as “The priestess’s mountain” and the teachers in it are the Sheikhs of “Zawyette Boya Omar” (the headquarters of the Jinn’s Great Court) and the cave has an entrance to the witchcraft science locates in “Egypt” and connects with “Morocco”, but the students can perform their graduate studies when they go to “Morocco”, and if they cannot do so , they can graduate from the Sudan, and if they could not do that , the Jinn could ask them for food and if it is finished , then they either to live on the expense of the Muslim Jinn if he is a Muslim or according his religion, but who seeks the devils he either to be good looking and in lives on the support of the girls of the down Jinn, as he has sex with her when he wants or live in the down world with the devils where he sells his blood to make the devils drink it in exchange for food or marry if he is a user of “Memon Al-Nakeh” spells!

Bleeding Trees April 28, 2011

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Bleeding Trees

It seems that bleeding is not only limited to the statues of the Virgin Mary as we see in Stigmata alleged phennomena which is considered by a number of the Christianity believers as miracles or signs from the God, In Iran , There is also a tree allegedly bleeds in the dawn of every Ashura day in every year (Ashura is an religious event for Shiit, it matches 10th of Muharram month in Islamic Calendar (Hijri Calendar) ,

In Shura day, Shiites remember the martyrdom of Al-Hussein (Prophet Mohammad’s grandson) in Karbalaa (a city in Iraq) in 680 AC or 61 Hijri , Some Shiites believes the blood that is shedding from the tree is a sign that represents Al-Hussein’s blood, Others believe that tree bleeds sadly for murder of Al-Hussein, A crowd of people gathered to seek blessing with what being bleed from the tree. News of this quickly spreaded in the Arab Web-forums in recent years, But there is no actual verification of red fluid which seeps through the tree branches or discover its reason.

Another Tree in Iraq

The Iraqi newspaper AlKala recently published a story of another bleeding tree where an Iraqi citizen confirmed that he saw a red liquid like blood flowing profusely out from a tree called Nabk ad it is planted in his house garden , this happens on the afternoon of same Ashura day.

– Mr. Sadiq Jafar Elewy, who described what happened as (A divine miracle) because it coincided with the anniversary of Al-Hussein martyrdom ,said that the flow of this red liquid continues for forty days, and starts every year little after the mid-afternoon of the tenth day of Muharram and ends on the twentieth of Safar (second month in Islamic Calendar).

-Elewy also added to AlKalaa Iraqi weekly Newspaper which reported this story that the strangest thing is the timing of the flowing of (blood), which begins in the same time of Al- Hussein martyrdom, pointing out that he is going to examine this red liquid laboratory to identify its components.

– Mr. Sadiq, who lives in the Arabian Gulf district in Baghdad mentioned that this phenomenon started after afternoon prayers on Ashura Day with coming out a little amount of red fluid substance reached twenty centimeters in length and then the situation has developed later as shown in the image which surprised everybody saw it.

Possible Explanations
Unfortunately, there is no emphasis around the nature of that red liquid which is claimed to be a blood so far, but science has a ready explanation for the trees bleeding phenomenon where the reason is due to fungus or blights infect the tree such as insects like the branches beetle and another types of infections. And the question remains here: Why this bleeding occurs only on Ashura Day (As was alleged) ?

Anti Boldness April 12, 2011

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anti boldness ya gunja pun khatam karne keliye rozana nahane se pehle thora sa olive oil halki aag per garam karain (boil nahi karna sirf warm karna hai) + 1 big table spoon of pure honey + 1 tea spoon dar cheeni powder ko achi tarha mix karain aur sir pe apply karain aur isko 15 min tak rehne dain aur phir naha lain.
inshallah mazeed bal girna band aur new bal ugna shuru ho jain gay.

arthritis April 9, 2011

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arthritis ya ghatiya ka dard jisy kehte hain uske elaj keliye.
250 gm pure honey + honey jitna laingay aap uski double quantity ka garam pani + 1 tea spoon dar cheeni powder.
in sub ko achi tarha mix kar k paste banaye aur dard ki jagah pe apply kijiye.
aap dekho gay k 2 minutes me apka dard kum hojayega.
ye nuskha apko rozana karna hai.
iske elawa 2 tea spoon pure honey + 1 tea spoon dar cheeni powder achi tarha mix kar ke subha + shaam ko ya raat ko khana hai.
aap dekhaingay inshallah apke dard me numaya kumi aajaye gi aur hote hote shifayabi bhi naseeb hojayegi.

long hair + anti hair fall April 8, 2011

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5 eggs ki zardi (yellow part) + 4 table spoon mehandi + 1 table spoon pure olive oil ko achi tarha mix kar lain aur twice a week 1/2 hour keliye apply karain sir pe.

for long hair April 8, 2011

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aik gadi green baqdoonis ( parsley/ ajmood) jo dhanya ki tarha hota hai aur khano me estemal hota hai lain usko dhoop me achi tarha sukhain aur phir naram koot lain + 4 table spoon mehandi ko pure olive oil me mix kar k aag me josh dain jub mixture boiling point tak pohanch jaye to aag se hata dain aur thanda honay per nahane se pehle sir pe apply karain hafte me aik bar.

bistar me peshab April 4, 2011

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bistar me peshab karne wale bacho aur baro keliye likh kar pilain 7 din musalsal.

وقيل يا ارض ابلعي مائك و يا سماء اقلعي وغيض الماء و قضي الامر و استوت على الجودي و قيل بعد للقوم الظالمين

budkhuwabi April 4, 2011

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jo log neend me darte hain chote ya baray ya buray aur darawne khuwab ki shikayat ho ya woh bache jo neend me rote hon.

likh kar kalay ya laal chmre me silwa kar pehnaye.

يا ايها المدثر قم فانذر وربك فكبر و ثيابك فطهر و الرجز فاهجر ولا تمنن تستكثر و لربك فاصبر

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