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Shaheen Sehbai – Journalist or Psychic? April 28, 2011

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Shaheen Sehbai Looking Into the Future
It wonders no one when Pakistani journalists instead of reporting the happenings try to report to make things happen. Reporting with a certain slant was never new but taking this to a level where journalists start writing predictions is entirely a new phenomenon. Two journalists have mastered this art of predictions. Dr. Shahid Masood and Mr. Shaheen Sehbai.

In his latest analysis “Zardari on his own after US pulls support” in The News, Mr. Sehbai has announced that President of Pakistan Mr. Asif Ali Zardari has been abandoned by USA. Without going into details what does he really mean. One needs to ask how come Mr. Sehbai reached this conclusion, whether he was informed by White House or the State department. Mr. Sehbai never tell us what are his sources. Journalism cannot continue for ages without naming the sources. Since last one year Mr. Sehbai has not even filed a single story in which there is clear mention of sources.

Anyone who understands the international politics and nuances of diplomatic statements understands that the officials that represent the different governments do not talk about individuals. Even if and I again say even if they are supporting a certain political actor in a foreign country.

Mr. Sehbai has also made a claim that Ambassador Holbrooke, the point man on Pakistan and Afghanistan, has lost his role in Obama administration. Again this is something that the media has been deducing from different developments in USA. There however has not been any official communication or action that can testify to media suspicions. Whether it is Pakistan media or US media, until and unless there is a proper official announcement, Richard Holbrooke is there and performing his role.

To further educate Mr. Sehbai, President Asif Ali Zradari was elected in Pakistan by the Electoral College and obviously Richard Holbrooke was not the presiding officer for that election. In fact Pakistan Peoples Party won the elections and formed the government much before President Obama came to power and appointed Richard Holbrooke as his point man on Pakistan and Afghanistan. To Mr. Zardari is on his own.

Mr. Sehbai then tells us that Mr. Aitezaz Ahsan has been assessed by USA think tanks since long and is now being considered a replacement. He bases his conclusion on some meeting that was held back in the year 2006 with some leading lights of think tanks with Aitezaz in attendance. Sehbai reports that the talk was general!! And since Mr Sehbai insists one must agree to him that this general talk meant a lot for Pakistan in the year 2010!! Great.

It appears that soon Mr. Sehbai is going to launch another website. Not something like South Asia Tribune, but something more paranormal. He will have his photo with worry beads and will be asking you to send him your birth charts and get reports on your future. Good Luck Mr. Sehbai with the future profession.

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