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mandal aka hazirat April 28, 2011

Posted by rohaniyat in Rohani Articles.

“Mandal” is a special practice or necromancy done by medium in form of spiritual seance, usually held by some believers to solve crime cases by knowing the identity of who committed the theft or murder and even used to find the lost valuables things through calling The Residents or Ummar (Type of Jinns/Spirits whois thought to share same place with living ) and by questioning them , where they brought a non-adult boy aged between 9 and 12 years ,
he must be in a normal condition without illusion , panic or fear, and the necromancy man writes a special spell on the boy’s forehead and ask him to tell what he sees and if the boy sees the Jinn kings , then necromancy man asks boy to ask about the missing things which can be a theft discovery or the secrets of the mysterious crimes or to know the places of the lost things and also it is used to know some pre-results and after finishing it the necromancy man reads a special spell and the boy returns to his first state, and in this kind of necromancy it is used a ceramic cup filled with oil and black ink, where the boy tells what he sees of visions contains the wanted answers or the genie answers through the boy by pronunciation, or through Environing of the Jinn with his (The boy) hand and answers through writing, or aiming . Another way uses with the necromancy that the necromancy man focuses his eyes on a brilliant crystal ball, or in a cup of water where a drop of oil floating on its surface then the necromancy man go on making movements and gestures indicating that the soul had come then he calls peace on it and begin the questioning and the answers.

Point of view
Almighty God says in the Holy Koran: “True, there were persons among mankind who took shelter with persons among the Jinn, but they increased them in folly” (Al-Jinn Soura (Chapter)– Verse.no.6 ) and this is a clear statement that the recourse to the Jinn involves risk through those necromancies, especially to the boy as the Jinn might environs him or causes to lose his mind, and it is not certain that necromancy is an effective way to know the criminals or the lost things as only God is the knower of the unseen .

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