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when u dont feel like praying January 21, 2011

Posted by rohaniyat in Rohani Articles.

Muslims offer prayer five times a day. Its like; they show their presence and obedience infront of God five times a day. In prayer they recite some Quranic verses and ‘Durood Pak’, ‘Tasbeeh’ and they praise God almighty. But its five times a day. Each time you spend almost 30 minutes for a single prayer. You stop workingwhatever you were doing and wash your mouth, hands, arms, feet (Wuzu) and offerprayer. There are some other forces which try to stop you doing that. Like when there is time for prayer, you will feel yourself lazy and won’t find yourself go and be fresh to offer prayer. Yep! it happens to everybody. Here is what you should do in this situation:


Take example of a medicine. Medicine cures you and make you healthy again. Sometimes you don’t want to take medicine and just feel yourself over with it and you just don’t want to take the medicine when you are sick.

You know you are sick.
You know that medicine will make you healthy again.
But you don’t want to take it.

If you still take it, in-spite of the fact that you do not want it; medicine will do whatever it does. It will get rid of disease for you and make you strong again.

Take prayer as a medicine. Doesn’t matter you want to offer prayer or not; if you still go for it, it will give you benefit. Prayer will make you lighter than ever from inside. You will feel happy. You will feel freshness inside you and more…

My suggestion is that doesn’t matter you want to offer it or not; just get up and gofor it. It will still do the favor to you and reveal its benefits.


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