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Marriage Problems January 21, 2011

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Marriage is a must thing everybody needs in his / her life. It is a social and psychological need. At certain age any individual feels a need to be associated with opposite sex in the form of a committed relationship (marriage). 20 to 25 age for male and female is best for marriage. It is recommended that whenever any individual reaches his puberty age, he / she should get married immediately. In modern society and age now, its a problem. People don’t get married soon enough when they should be; because of following issues. This is roohani method to be married without taveez or any amal. I mean after doing this, you will get proposal for marriage from somewhere. All you have to do is recite a Quranic Surrah (Soorat / Soorah) at regular basis.


  • In case of females, their Parents collect stuff (jaheez) to give their daughters. Parents spend much of their lives to collect stuff and they make sure that they produce everything for their daughter’s need so that when she goes after marriage, she may find everything she needs in hand.
  • In case of males, they spend much of their lives to try and secure their future. They think that first they should be settled well in society and then they should be married.
  • Idealism is another hurdle. Female’s parents try to find a well settled groom for their daughter. Male’s parents try to find the most beautiful queen on the earth for their son.

There are many other reasons that now a days people get married at late age. Usually after 30-35. We think that when a person reaches his / her puberty age, he / she should be getting married immediately. The future concern, the idealism won’t help you spend a satisfied life with piece of mind.

There is another reason for delay in marriage. Some families can’t find the right opposite sex partner for their son / daughter. For people who want to get married but they can’t find any good option around them, can use this method.

Your son or daughter is old enough to get married but you can’t find the right person for him / her.
You are old enough to get married and you want to get married but you see no chance of getting any proposal in near future.

Recite Surrah Maryam once after Isha (Prayer Isha – After 9:00 PM) for 40 days and ask in prayers that you need a good partner for you and you want to get married. Parents can also do this and ask in prayers for good proposal for their son / daughter (who they want to be getting married).

Quranic verses affect mind and soul. You may feel dizziness, laziness while recitation of ‘Sorah Maryam’ repeatedly daily. Some people pass out when they recite this in this way. Don’t stop. Keep doing it. This may occur or may not. It depends how strong your mind is. Complete 40 days. After 40 days or before you will get proposal for marriage from somewhere.

Surrah Maryam – English, Urdu, Arabic, Download
Surrah Maryam – Arabic, English, Audio
Surrah Maryam – Arabic
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