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Why Do You Want To Become Spiritual Healer January 5, 2011

Posted by rohaniyat in Rohani Articles.

Why do you want to be spiritual person????

Peace be upon you dear brothers and sisters in‏ islam.
man was fashioned by nature to love to know what is hidden with him, and since ancient times left people aware of spirituality to explain the exotic phenomena that they see or to achieve exactly the mundane or the Hereafter, and still a world of spirituality tempt a lot to our time and even in Western countries where the secular and technology, we find most of them are fond of spirituality.
The question itself What do you want of spirituality and why you want to learn, do you feel inferior in front, to guide goodness, do you want to achieve worldly or otherworldly benefit from them.
In order to answer Cleanse my brother called Spirituality /
But if you feel inferior you are wrong and this feeling will not connect you to spirituality, but connect you to the clutches of Satan fall prey to him and maybe get you to kufr, God forbid, my dear brother you forgotten that you are the successor of Allah on earth and that Allah ordered the angels to prostrate to Adam, peace be upon him.
Either you believe that the spiritual guide a person’s righteousness and piety only you are wrong and will never reach them.
But if you want a worldly purpose or Akruya, when the Ateljo to the Allah of Spirituality in Whose hand is the whole thing and you talked five times a day is not between you and him and the mode .. And you are prostrate, but a person is closer to his Creator, pain tells us so truthful, dear brothers tip you adhere to the remembrance of Allah and made a response from the mandates and formulas of prayers to the Holy Messenger, and you will see the result, then be connected to the Lord of Spirituality and Lord of all human beings.
Choose the times in which prayers are answered and I hope to Allah that you will succeed and help your selfs to get worldly things and akhirat benefits and Low Lower yourself. and be down to earth u will see the wonders.

this post was written to answer all those brothers who mail me abt spirituality and learning it hope this will help them.. offcourse no one reveals this kind of stuff but i do 🙂

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